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Kevin Kline Wants To Pen A Movie Score [Jun. 11th, 2006|12:56 am]
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Kevin Kline Wants To Pen A Movie Score

Kevin Kline is on the hunt for a film to score after getting a taste for movie music composition on the set of A Prairie Home Companion.

The actor, who plays Guy Noir in the film, was given the task of penning a piano piece for the movie by director Robert Altman, who was impressed with Kline's musical skills on set - and now he's hungry for more.

Kline says, "I would love to do a film score. There is one scene where you hear a piano and that's my music that is under a scene that I'm not in, so I delude myself that I wrote part of the score. "When I was studying music I wanted to be a film composer at one time. It's like ballet movement and image to music."